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Nestled in a secret place along the Conasauga River lies Ball's Deep. First discovered by Clint, Mark, and Keith on a backpacking trip to Panther Creek Falls. It was thought to be just a nice spot to take a dip in the cold, clear North Georgia water. Only later did it become a favorite Dillo hiking destination in itself. It offers the maximum backpacking experience for the least amount of effort. You can do the walk very quickly and yet, once there, you could be a thousand miles away from civilization. When you return, a piece of Ball's Deep stays with you.

August 2000: The Conasauga River was low at Ball's Deep. But it was still that deep in places.

Avery embarks on her first backpacking trip. August 2000.

Crossing Rough Creek was easy.

Waste deep here.

Being one with it.

A day hike to Bray's Field.

Summer splashing!


We did it! (With just a tiny bit of whining.)

Hmmmm. 'Bout time for one of them feeding frenzies.

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