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Part Two: Conflict

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Of Kamma, Neurophysin Proteins, and Firedrakes: : A Review of Hamiltonís "A Second Chance at Eden"
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Peter F. Hamilton began this fascinating and unique science fiction epic in 1996 with the release of the critically acclaimed best-seller "The Reality Dysfunction." Set in the year 2600, the human race is divided into two lineages: the Adamists, with their heavy reliance upon nanotechnology, and the Edenists, shunned by Adamists because of their discovery and use of the "affinity" gene. Within this universe, large corporations are developing entire planets for material gains, small planetary systems are at war, alien races flourish peaceably alongside humans, and research is conducted on a civilization that was mysteriously wiped out over two thousand years ago.

But something has gone wrong. A rift has strangely occurred in spacetime and something terrifying has been unleashed that lies beyond human comprehension. In 1997, the saga continued with "The Neutronium Alchemist," where all-out war is waged for control of the galaxy. The trilogy concludes with "The Naked God."

Night's Dawn Pages

Share your insights, opinions, and questions with other fans of the Trilogy!
A brief description of the two human lineages and the alien races in the Trilogy. Some cool stuff from the far future!
A basic guide to the many worlds of Hamilton's Universe. The primary personalities inhabiting the many worlds of the Trilogy.
Some of the supporting cast. Spaceships and other assorted items of interest found in the Trilogy.

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