Fletcher Christian

The possessor of Eamon Goodwin. Fletcher saves the Kavanagh sisters and Carmitha from certain rape and torture by a group of the possessed. When the white fire attacks him it does not affect him. This causes the group threatening the three ladies to back off. "I am defending the honour of these ladies," he confidently tells the would-be assailants, displaying a personal code of conduct that was common during his time. Initially, he introduces himself a "Titreano," a name given to him by the island people he came to know some 800 years ago before his death. He explains the trio the facts about possession and comes to convince them that soon the entire planet will be overcome. He then displays some of the powers of possession by single-handedly lifting Carmitha's wagon and mending its missing wheel to the bearing. Young Genevieve talks him into traveling with them to Bytham.

He escorts the Kavanagh sisters through the military security of Norwich's Bennett Field aerodrome by transforming his clothes into a military uniform. But the trio has difficulty locating the Far Realm. Instead, they run into Quinn Dexter and Lawrence Dillion, who are in the process of possessing the facility and seeking a way off the planet themselves. When Quinn tries to take Louise's transport contract away, she resists. A mysterious figure from the other end of the hanger fires a white bolt at Quinn and Dillion enabling Fletcher and the sisters to escape and get to the Far Realm's spaceplane.

Once in orbit on the Far Realm above Norfolk, Fletcher senses that Quinn Dexter is on the Tantu. At first he tries convince the Far Realm's captain to follow the Tantu as the later ship jumps out of orbit. Rebuffed, he tells Louise Kavanagh that he feels destined to become Quinn's "nemesis." "He is not as the other possessed," he tells her. "He is a monster, a bringer of evil."

He promises to see Louise and Genevieve safely to Tranquillity. But, vows to go to Earth afterwards to do battle with Quinn Dexter, which he feels is inevitable. As the crew of the Far Realm obtain forged passport fleks to allow him and the Kavanagh sisters to pass through Martian customs, the crew discovers through a biolectric sensor that Fletcher is actually possessed. Fletcher is forced to smash Faurax through the floor. Endron, the other member present, is told not to attempt to escape. Quickly, the sisters explain that Fletcher is not like other possessed, that he has been assisting them and has saved their lives from the evil Quinn Dexter. Endron accepts this but still refuses to allow Fletcher onto Phobos. The risk of possession is too great. Louise shows great tenacity in talking Endron into completing Fletcher’s passport recording and assisting the three of them off Phobos. In the end, however, his possessed status is detected as he attempts to pass through Earth's customs at High York. Security personnel hold him and the Kavanagh sisters at gunpoint.