Louise Kavanagh

16 year old daughter of Grant Kavanagh. Her shapely beauty is just beginning to emerge, with small noses and narrow eyes, and pronounced cheeks. Being raised on Norfolk, she is rather naÔve about the universe beyond her planet and estate. She is confident of who she is and of her family's aristocratic standing. When she initially meets Joshua Calvert he fascinates her as adventurous outsider. Soon, she becomes more attracted to him as he does to her. They make love; Joshua gently showing her how as Louise is a virgin. After the heat of their passion they each other that they love one another. During Joshua's brief stay, they enjoy several wild sexual encounters including one where both their bodies are showered under the invaluable droplets from the weeping roses that make Norfolk Tears. Before Joshua leaves, Louise becomes emboldened in long sexual acts with him. He promises to return to Norfolk for her.

Louise becomes pregnant from her sexual escapades with Joshua Calvert. She and her sister escape Cricklade manor on horseback as it is possessed after her father's failed attempt to squelch the "uprising" in Boston. They happen upon Carmitha as she is racing away in a caravan from several of the possessed on horseback. The wagon falters and the three ladies are caught by the pursuing party. She is defiant in the face of their threats to the three women who are saved when Fletcher Christian appears and protects them. Learning that Colsterworth is under the control of the possessors and of the inevitable fall of the planet to possession from Fletcher, she decides to take Genevieve's advice and journey to Bytham. There, it is hoped, they can board an "aeroambulance" and get to Norwich, eventually making it off the planet.

After landing in Norwich, she and her sister are taken by their aunt to Balfern House for refuge. There she is introduced to Roberto, her aunt's son. Later, she meets with Fletcher Christian, who is forced to stay in the servants quarters, and begins to plot to get off Norfolk and go to Tranquillity in search of Joshua Calvert.

Louise successfully negotiates a berth on the Far Realm for Genevieve, Fletcher Christian and herself, although she is unable to secure direct passage to Tranquillity as is her desire. Instead, the Far Realm must accompany navy frigates wherever they are called under decree by the Confederation General Assembly council in response to the possession crisis. She returns to Balfern House to pack and is almost raped by her cousin Roberto Hewson. She manages to fight him off by hitting him with a shotgun that was given to her by Carmitha.

Immediately afterwards Fletcher, Genevieve and herself go to Bennett Field, Norwich's main aerodrome, where the Far Realm is in port. By now, however, the facility is under full military control and they are refused entrance, even after Louise presents the guards with a copy of her transport contract with the Far Realm. Fletcher bluffs that he will contact the Earl of Luffenham if there is any trouble, then transforms his clothing into a military uniform and escorts the sisters to the hangar where the Far Realm is located. Along the way they accidentally run into Quinn Dexter and Lawrence Dillion who are also seeking passage off the planet. Quinn almost takes her transport contract away from Louise when, suddenly, a mysterious figure at the far end of the hangar fires powerful bolts at Quinn thus enabling the sisters and Fletcher Christian to escape. They eventually find the Far Realm's spaceplane and board it.

Furay tells the trio that the Far Realm is approved to leave Norfolk orbit for Mars. But, he adds that the reason for their departure is that the Confederation believes that people are being possessed on a few scattered planets. It is believed that Norfolk has been possessed as well, he says.

While in route to Mars aboard the Far Realm, she uses the shipís on-board computer to catch up with the history of the galaxy since her education was so lacking on the traditionally backwards Norfolkian culture. As she arrives at Mars, she, her sister, and Fletcher Christian, however, run into a legal snag because they donít have any passports. Endron, however, knows of a way to obtain the passports without involving authorities. It will be expensive, but Louise immediately agrees to the plan.

When Fletcher Christian is discovered to be possessed during the recording of faked passports to get the three of them off the Far Realm and onto Phobos, Louise successfully talks Endron into continuing to assist them in spit of Fletcher being possessed. She convinces him that all the trio want is to get away to Tranquillity, no harm will come to Endronís people, and the Fletcher is not like most of the possessed. In fact, he has saved them from possession themselves in battle with Quinn Dexter.

She manages to get her sister and Fletcher Christian to High York, located in the OíNeill Halo above Earth. But, as they attempt to pass through security, Fletcherís possessed status becomes known. Security holds the trio at gunpoint.