Places in the Night's Dawn Trilogy

Edenist Habitats -

These are "geneered" by Edenists to be self-contained worlds for scientific research, commerce, government, and living space. Each contains a "personality", a collection of the experiences, knowledge, and wisdom of all Edenists who ever died there. As an Edenist dies, that person's knowledge and life merges with the collective nature of the habitat. Some individuality is retained for a few centuries. But this fades and ultimately merges with the background of the habitat as a whole.

The Romulus Habitat -

A construction of bitek polyp cylinders (biologically engineered) 45 km long, 10 km wide. One of two original voidhawk bases germinated in 2225. There were 268 such habitats orbiting Saturn now. Responsible for the education of new voidhawks and their captains.

Tranquillity -

A customized bitek habitat dedicated to researching the Ruin Ring and to learning what happened to the Laymil civilization. Tranquillity is the largest of the only five non-Edenists bitek habitats. It is a polyp cylinder 65 km long and 17 km wide with hemispheric endcaps. It orbits a mere 7000 km above the Ruin Ring. Each endcap has hundreds of organic conductor cables that stretch out into space like wheel spokes due to Tranquillity’s rotation. These cables generate the power needed by the habitat by constantly sweeping through Mirchsko’s massive magnetosphere. Half way down between the endcaps is a city that wraps around the median equator. All the city’s starscrapers are connected via a tube train mechanical system. There is no private transportation available.

Tranquillity is an attractive business port, with low-income tax and liberal credit standards. Being in close proximity to Mirchusko, there is always an abundance of blackhawks to charter. The personality habitat closely monitors civilian activity so that there is virtually no crime. All this makes it a highly attractive settlement for the very wealthy and one of the best trading posts in the Confederation. Currently, more than 7000 specialists are dedicated to researching the vanquished Laymil civilization, the largest scientific research project in the Confederation.

It was germinated in 2428 by Michael Saldana, the Crown Prince of Kulu as a station for researching the Ruin Ring. Being a Christian-ethnic culture, such use of bitek was highly frowned upon. But when he went on to have neuron symbionts implanted so that he could have an affinity bond with Tranquillity, then had the gene spliced into Maurice, his son, he was excommunicated and exhaled to Tranquillity by the Kuluian Empire.

Tranquillity’s southern hemisphere is devoted to the maintenance of the rest of the habitat and, most importantly, to the research facilities dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the Laymil and the Ruin Ring. Its polyp is doubly reinforced to house enormous mineral-digestion organs and hydrocarbon reservoirs. These facilities feed the mitosis layer that regenerates the habitat’s polyp. These are also the foundation for all the complex nutrient production and environmental maintenance within the habitat. The external hub is designed to grab giant chunks of the Ruin Ring moved into position by spaceplanes and other ships. These are, in turn, coated with enzymes within the hub itself, then broken into small parts that can be ingested by the habitat to fuel its operations. Beyond the complex production and maintenance facilities lies 2 km of terraced rural area filled with flowering bushes and grassy orchards. Here also, in a quiet, cozy campus-like atmosphere, is where the Laymil center facilities reside.

Tranquillity is populated with 48 species of animals and “specialist constructs” that are all born in its clone womb center. Here is were all the agrarian caretakers of the southern hemisphere, the serjents, and many types of maintenance and repair organisms are generated here. This is also where Ione comes (with Joshua) to implant the sustentator globe containing their son into a zero-tau pod for safekeeping. Joshua chooses to name his future son “Marcus” after his father. Ione is quick accept this along with the last name of Saldana. Joshua starts to object, being a Calvert, but doesn’t.

Tranquillity’s could easily accommodate two standard size Edenist habitats with plenty of room to spare. From the view of a person walking within the habitat, the environment arches upward on both sides until you can see land and water directly over one’s head. According to one guide, it is best never look outside the horizontal and to constantly remember that “the poor sod above you thinks you’re going to fall on him.”

The Ruin Ring -

Discovered by the Royal Kulu Navy scoutship Ethlyn in 2420 on a routine survey mission. The greatest mystery known to the Confederation at the time. A ring containing the mass of a moderately sized moon, filled completely with shattered Laymil habitat structures, flora and fauna. Size = 3 km thick, 70 km across, orbiting 500 km above a gas giant Mirchusko. Formed by a series of ferocious explosions, leaving nothing behind of chucks and bits and pieces of their civilization. Scavengers enter the Ring for profit and bring out whatever they can find that might be a value to researchers and collectors. Within the Ring itself, a blizzard of debris constantly swirls, making visual contact difficult and navigation by scavenging spaceplanes dangerous.

Garissa and Omuta -

Two competitive planets orbiting separate stars 29 lys apart. Both claim the 387 metallic rich Dorados asteroids. Omuta used an antimatter bomb to destroy a Garissa industrial asteroid settlement. 56,000 people died. Ultimately, this show of force led Dr. Alkad Mzu, a Garissian scientist, to create the Neutronium Alchemist, designed to retaliate against Omuta.

Earth -

Home planet of both human lineages. Its surface is covered with "arcologies" that for 550 years have housed all Earthly people from the hazards of a heat-wrecked climate.

The Confederation -

A collection of 862 inhabited star systems containing various planets, asteroid settlements, kingdoms, xenoc civilizations and other governing entities. The Confederation protects and defends free commerce and trade primarily through the use of a large galactic space navy.

The Kulu Kingdom -

A vast region of nine star systems controlled by the Saldana dynasty physically spread over hundreds of light years.

Roherheim -

The planetary base for the Confederation's 7th Fleet. Located 42 lyrs away from Lolande.

The Lunar State Industrial Institute (SII) -

The Confederation’s only pure Communist nation. Produces special spacesuits for nearly every star system.

Lalonde -

A stage one EuroChristian-ethnic planet 300 lyrs from Earth under development composed of all humans except for an isolated Tyrathca settlement. A world composed of a climate so hot and humid that humans cannot venture into its equatorial regions without special protection. Only one of its six continents, Amarisk (located in the southern hemisphere), is open for settlement. The planet has 26 hour days and is located 22 lyrs from Ombey. Twice annually, it is visited by a frigate from the Confederation Navy as a show of force and a reminder of the protection to which it is entitled. Lalonde has a 295 day year. Three moons. Mayope is the type of wood on the planet. It is extremely abundant and very hard, making it a terrific use for construction.

The Hultain Marsh -

A 500 km stretch of the north bank near the mouth of the Juliffe River. An inhabitable region filled with marsh and several predatory reptilian creatures that stretched as far as 150 km inland. Foul smelling from rotting debris and stagnant water, it lies across the river from Durringham at a distance of some 17 km.

The Juliffe -

A gigantic river stretching more than 2000 kms into Amarisk.

Durringham -

Lalonde's capital and only city. Located on the southern bank of the Juliffe River Basin. Founded in 2582 after the Confederation confirmed the ecological analysis of the planet by the land venture holding company of the LDC. Durringham’s primary industry is shipbuilding. With its accompanying trade and commerce with inland colonist groups, the shipyards account for about 25% of jobs for the city’s population. The LDC uses the vast stretches of the Juliffe for cheap transportation into the interior of Amarisk. Hundreds of ships dock and disembark daily from a number of harbors along the city’s border with the river, each with its own warehouses and saw mills to handle the vast amounts of timber being harvested from the jungles. It is a dark city at night. The primary light source is from Lalonde’s three moons. Each pub and cabin is well-lit, but in the fringes beyond this, darkness rules.

Schuster County –

An area far up the Juliffe River in a sparsely settled region of Amarisk. Destination of LDC Group Seven.

Ombey -

The primary planet of the Kulu Kingdom's latest dominion star system. A development just reaching stage-three. It is here that possession within the Kulu Kingdom first takes place, though it is contained and confined to a comparatively small area thanks to quick work local and government authorities as well as ESA personnel.

Oshanko -

Japanese Imperium capital. Port for the Confederation Navy’s 4th fleet.

Mirchusko –

A gas giant surrounded by the Laymil Ruin Ring. It is also the star where blackhawks mate, spawn, and die.

Kenyon -

12 km asteroid that has been hauled into orbit around Lalonde by a series of nuclear explosions after a 15 year journey. Unfortunately, it arrives at the planet far too early for its slowly developing economy to make any use of it. Kenyon is, therefore, viewed as a liability by the governing body of the planet.

The Quallheim -

A tributary of the Juliffe. 300 meters wide, fast flowing with thick, swampy tree vegetation on both sides. Group Seven ventured up this tributary to Schuster County where it will eventually settle.

Aberdale -

The community forged out of the jungle by Group Seven. Initially, a broad semi-circle stretching about 1 km along the Qualhiem containing a jetty at its center. Unlike the neighboring community of Schuster, this settlement was well constructed and neatly kept, an attractive place. This initial start gave the citizens a relatively high morale. Eventually, several Schuster dwellers request transfer to Aberdale. It consisted of 218 family groups, of which 42 elected to live away from the village in the savanna region farther inland.

Idria -

Small asteroid in the New Californian system rich in crystalline strata inhabited by about 90,000 people, almost all of whom work for the Lassen Interstellar Company.

Avon -

Capital planet of the Confederation.

Atlantis -

The only terrcompatible planet settled by Edenists. Atlantis consists of one large salt water ocean (thus the name) dotted by a few islands. It is renowned throughout the Confederation for it seafood.

Spaceholm -

The Laymil habitat. A thick, tangled environment, chaotic by human standards. Laymils interacted with Spaceholm similar to how Edenists do with their geneered habitats except more intimately. It actually played a part in the reproductive process by selecting mates for the xenocs.

Norfolk -

One of six planets in a stellar system that also consists of two major and five minor asteroid belts. It is a predominantly agricultural planet, culturally backwards in many ways from the typical developed world. Women do not enjoy the same sort of equality there as they do in most of the Confederation. Norfolk refuses to use the metric system of measurement. Aircraft are banned on the planet, except for medical purposes and except for midsummer, when spaceplanes are allowed to come for the purposes of trade. There is no strategic defense network, no high-tech industry, and no orbiting asteroid settlements. One Norfolk "year" is the equivalent of four Earth years. It is the first planet to be taken "out" of the universe by the possessed.

Cricklade Manor -

Grant Kavanagh’s estate house. A three-story stone building set amidst manicured grassy meadows and orchards. The perimeter of the grounds is marked by gigantic cedar trees over 300 years old.

The Zamjan –

A 400 km broad tributary into which the Quallheim flows that, in turn, empties into the Juliffe.

Oconto –

The village along the Zamjan where Darcy and Lori stop to check on events in the nearby area. The village is typical of most on Lalonde, contained in a square clearing, cabins in the middle surrounded by fields of various crops. Here they learn from settlers that the havoc caused by the apparent Ivet rebellion had spread beyond the Quallheim area. A vigilante group had recently invaded the village and released all their Ivets. The supervisor organized an effort to go after them, but had not been heard from in over six days and was feared dead.

Starbridge -

A settlement composed entirely of the remains of cults, spiritualists, and tribesmen from Valisk’s more liberal religious period. They have fused together into one common belief system that is incomprehensible to outsiders. They basically practice a primitive existence based upon the belief so some kind of emerging nirvana. They believe, as Anatasia Rigel puts it, “What we say is that life in this universe is only one segment of the great journey a spirit undertakes through time.”

Jantrit -

A Edenist habitat, some 35 km high, destroyed by Laton. A “proteanic virus” (antimatter) created by Laton infected Jantrit’s neuron structure, setting off a violent chain-reaction within the habitat’s cells. Its shell cracked under the force of the antimatter explosion, spilling the atmosphere out into the vacuum of space. The scale of the disaster was unprecedented in the history of the Confederation. Almost 1.25 million people were killed, and more than 500,000 stored personalities wiped out. All for a diversion so that Laton and his followers could escape after a coup attempt to take over the habitat failed.

Trafalgar -

An 21 km long, 7 km wide asteroid orbiting Avon. It is unique in that it is purely a naval base, without any industrial stations. A massive supply and maintenance depot, home port for the First Fleet and training facility for the Marine Corps.

Ombey -

The newest of Kulu’s eight principality stellar systems. From the beginning it was a planet well funded by the Kulu Royal Treasury. It skipped the colony stages of typical planetary habitation and became fully developed agrarian society directly. The planet has one moon, Jethro. A iron asteroid, Guyana, which was blasted into orbit early on and quickly became a military base for the Kuluian Navy, orbits it.

Boston -

Central city on Norfolk. Five sectors of the city are taken over by some kind of “mob” after the Lady Mac unknowingly brings Quinn Dexter as a passenger to the planet. Grant Kavanagh believes it is the work of workers union group known as The Democratic Land Union. He begins to put together the planet’s militia to put down the “insurrection.” 770 men are mustered in, among them is William Elphinson, the young man who proposed to (and was turned down by) Louise Kavanagh, Grant’s daughter.

Pamiers –

A settlement along the Juliffe tributaries that has been sequestered. Reza, Kelley and the rest of his combat team investigate it. They discover buildings and structures from all eras and places seemingly appearing out of nowhere intermingled with the traditional village cabins.

Aethra –

An uncompleted Edenist habitat orbiting the gas giant Murora germinated nine years ago. A small supervisory station housing some 50 Edenists trails the habitat monitoring its development. It is attacked by some of the sequestered mercenary vessels that escaped from Lalonde just as the Lady MacBeth arrives.

Coastuc-RT –

The Tyrathca settlement on Lalonde. Attacked by the possessed when the Santa Clara landed. Many were killed from different castes. The Santa Clara was stolen.

Mastrit-PJ –

The Tyrathca homeworld abandoned some 17,000 years ago.

Colsterworth -

A small, quiet market town nestled in a valley on Norfolk. It is composed largely of nice terraced houses and neatly kept private gardens. The possessors quickly overcome Colsterworth. Much of it is burned in the struggle over control for the town.

Xingu -

A continent second only to Esparta on the planet Ombey in terms of prosperity. It measures some 4 and a half million square kms with a long mountainous ridgeline sticking out of its southern corner known as Mortonridge. It is at a city on this continent, Pesto, that three possessed embassy personnel from Lalonde land and begin to spread possession across Ombey.

Esparta -

Ombey's largest continent containing the planet's capital of Atherstone.

Atherstone -

Capital of Ombey. A large urban center surrounded by lush national parks. This gives the effect of a huge city isolated from everything by jungle on all sides cut by an occasional motorway leading to other regions of Esparta.

The Kulu Kingdom -

The richest governing body within the Confederation after Edenism. Some of the characteristics of this Kingdom include: it is ruled by the Saldana family, it has great economic, technological, and military strength, it offers socialized medicine to its citizenry, and has a relatively low crime rate.

New California -

First possessed victim reached there by cargo ship from Norfolk. The administration is a direct descendent of the old United States of America. Total population 850 million people. Settled in 2156 by the Govcentral state of California. The first “ethnic-streaming” colony, open only to native Californians. This settlement began the second wave of colonies formed as people continued to seek to escape the acrologies on Earth. This second wave is also known as “The Great Dispersal” because so much of Earth’s population left the home planet for ethnic-exclusive inhabitable worlds.

San Angeles -

City on New California where possession on that planet first began. As possession spreads throughout the city, one of its primary characteristics is made manifest. The architecture is “falsified” by the possessed into whatever style and time period each individual is comfortable with. It ranges from 1950’s New York City to traditional Japanese constructs.

Pasto -

City on the west coast of Xingu where the possessed Lalonde embassy trio initially land. A highly urbanized area situated on the naturally flat terrain of that part of the continent.

Bytham -

A small community of stone cottages and thatched roof homes nestled in a valley on Norfolk. It is here that Carmitha brings Fletcher Christian and the Kavanagh sisters to attempt to escape to Norwich. The town is possessed just as the trio manage to escape on a aeroambulance, Norfolk's version of an airplane named as such because the culture refuses to use progressive technology except for medical purposes. Thus the only planes ever used on the planet's surface are ambulances.

Kesteven -

An island on Norfolk containing Boston, Bytham, and Cricklade Manor.

Exnall -

A 30-year-old town situated 250 kms along the peninsula of Mortonridge. Surrounded by rich soil, it is a farming community with subsidiary industries developed around farming supplies and equipment. Unlike other towns along Mortonridge, Exnall did not cut down hundreds of acres of forest to make way for buildings. Instead, it cut only what was necessary, a town blended with lush forest. This ultimately works against authorities trying to contain the spread of possession as the possessed easily spill out into the Mortonridge countryside before marines can establish a secure perimeter.

Eden -

Germinated in 2075, the first Edenist habitat and the oldest living entity within the Confederation.

Jupiter -

Even after 500 years of space exploration, few gas giants have been cataloged as large as Jupiter. It is the home to over 4,250 Edenist habitats with a combined population of more than 9 billion individuals. Only Earth, with a population of over 35 billion, has more people within the Confederation. As a society, however, Jupiter was unmatched anywhere with no societal problems of any kind, except for the extremely rare Serpent.

Kristata habitat -

A Jovian Edenist habitat where Syrinx is taken following her torture. There she receives needed medical attention. It is through the habitat personality that Ruben manages to eventually make contact with the Edenist Consensus regarding the outbreak of Adamist possession.

Ramsey -

An island on Norfolk where Norwich is located. It is here that the Kavanagh sisters seek refuge after the fall of Kesteven to the possessed.

Norwich -

Capital city of Ramsey on Norfolk. It is here that the Kavanagh sister's and Fletcher Christian journey as Bytham and the rest of Kesteven fall to the possessed.

Avon -

The planet where the Central Government of the Confederation is located.

Regina -

The capital of Avon. A standard urbanized area with the seat of the Confederation situated as a smaller cluster of buildings on the eastern side of Regina along a lakefront. The Assembly building is surrounded by 16 square kms of ancillary buildings housing everything from diplomatic offices to media agencies and leisure companies.

Tacoul Tavern -

A drinking establishment on Valisk. Though aging in respect to style, food quality, and service, it remains a favorite of starship crews on the habitat. Dariat and Kiera Salter get into a disagreement over the attempt by Salter to rob everyone inside the tavern in addition to possessing four blackhawk captains inside. A dispute ensues between them. Though Dariat holds his own, Salter makes it clear that she is in charge now and not him. As the four captains are possessed the affinity link with their ships is used to possess the blackhawks themselves.

The Srinagar System -

The stellar system where the Valisk habitat exists.

Culey Asteroid -

Located in the Dzamin Ude stellar system, about 60 lyrs from Lalonde. It is a haven for cargo ships of all kind due to its lax regulations and refusal to routine check the legitimacy of cargo carriers. The Confederation Assembly subcommittee on smuggling and piracy often condemns the Culey's government but it is nothing more than a slap on the wrest. Andre Duchamp brings the Villeneuve's Revenge here to seek refuge after the disastrous Battle of Lalonde. It is also here that Erick Thakrar receives medical treatment for the injuries he sustained during the decompression that was implemented aboard the Villeneuve's Revenge in order to save him and the rest of the ship from possession.

Balfern House -

The Residence of the Earl of Luffenham located in the exclusive Brompton borough of Norwich.

Yosemite -

A gas giant slightly smaller than Jupiter located in the New Californian system surrounded by some 30 Edenist habitats that orbit at an altitude of 750,000 kms above the planet's equator. It is here that He(3) is manufactured within the system. It is here that Capone's organization plans to take the mines in order to guarantee itself a continuous source of propulsion for stellar travel. The Yosemite Consensus, however, immediately begins to make preparations for war. Though as a society they have never been involved in a war in the 500 years of Edenism's existence, Edenists are highly logical and are perfectly willing to use their voidhawks and other weaponry when necessary. The success of Capone on New California constitutes what the Consensus feels is a sufficient enough threat to warrant possible military action.

Voidhawks are sent to hover above New California's poles in order to gather information on Capone's starship and hellhawk build-up. They do not do the actual observing, however. That job is performed by countless spherical surveillance globes about the size of tomatoes that fall past the asteroids that ring the planet. Each contains a bitek processor and communicates via affinity to the hovering voidhawks who, in turn, keep Yosemite advised of activities via affinity. Since the possessed cannot detect affinity, all this occurs in complete secrecy.

When Capone finally attacks, his forces are met with deadly force and are completely destroyed.

Burley Palace -

Located on the top of a small rise in the middle of Atherstone, it sits isolated from the rest of the city, illuminated brightly with 500 spotlights so that it can be easily seen from the distance anywhere in the city. Here is where Ombey's royalty resides and from where the entire star system is ruled.

Eden -

The original Edenist habitat, much smaller than other habitats, measuring just 11 kms in length. It is a relic of the past with a small town on the northern endcap composed of metallic houses. Each occupant has their own small garden that is filled with ancient varieties of plants.

Dorados Asteroids –

A Kenyan-ethnic civilization awarded to Garissa’s refugees by the Confederation Assembly after Omuta destroyed their planet. Home to 70% of all Garissan refugees in the Confederation. The mining companies that mine the rich ores throughout the asteroid system pay fees for doing so. Portions of such fees go to developing the system’s infrastructure, the remainder going to Garissian survivors and their descendents. The Dorados consist of 387 nearly pure metal chucks, filled with a wide variety of economic resources and vast potential wealth. They circle Tunja, a type M-4 star. Co-inhabiting the system with them is Duida, a lone gas giant circled by a couple of young Edenist habitats. The war between Garissa and Omuta was caused over a territorial dispute in this region of space.

Nyvan –

The first inhabitable planet discovered by Earthlings. Quinn Dexter decides to go there after the Tantu is sufficiently repaired after his improper ZTT jump out of Earth orbit. Discovered in 2125. It was part of the initial exodus from Earth by those wishing to escape the arcologies. This initial period is somewhat unique in that people of every ethnic origin settled upon Nyvan and the other first terra-compatible planets. After this, ethnic groups tended to settle in monocultures on “their own” planets. Civil unrest was the inevitable result on Nyvan, with so much multi-cultural, multi-racial friction occurring on the planet. There are five “North-American-ethnic nations” on the planet: Tonala, New Dominica, New Georgia, Quebec, and the Islamic Texas Republic. Nyvan is a world of decay and filled with suspicious people. Under Quinn's guidance, the possessed take over the planet with relative ease.

Nova Kong –

Capital of the Kulu Kingdom. Founded by Richard Saldana, who put his enormous wealth into the building of the city. It is claimed to be the most beautiful city in the Confederation with wonderful boulevards, greenway avenues, artificial rivers, and underground motorways. Numerous commemorative monuments and statues ornament the landscape. The city has a population of 19 million and is spread out over 500 square kms. It experiences several intrusion attempts by the possessed, but all are successfully beaten back by the local authorities.

Chaumort –

A French-ethnic asteroid in the Chalons stellar system. The unemployment rate is 10% due to a faltering economy that was too quick to declare independence from the founding company. This economic necessity causes the settlement to be lenient on enforcing the Confederation-wide ban on commercial starflight.

Mars –

Other than stage one colony planets, Mars is the least populated planet in the Confederation. After 500 years of development by the Lunar Nation the planet is now habitable, though water was still a scarce commodity. Giving the planet a breathable atmosphere and decent soil for growing its few plants has been the most expensive human endeavor in history. Six major urban areas have sprung up along with a sprinkling of towns and villages. The total population of the planet is less than 3 million. Phobos and Deimos are both heavily industrialized and are inhabited by a further half million.

Azara –

An Edenist habitat orbiting Jupiter that hosts a variety of foreign diplomatic missions. It is here that the general Consensus agrees to assist the Kulu Kingdom in driving the possessed out of Mortonridge. This is an unprecedented moment in the Confederation’s history, as it represents the first time Adamists and Edenists have worked together since the two lineages separated hundreds of years before.

Jobis –

The Kiint homeworld. Noteworthy, the world has three equal sized moons orbiting the planets Lagrange One point. Each spaced 70,000 kms from the other, they rotate around a common center every 150 hours. This strange and wondrous triad was created by the Kiint themselves. Of course, the reason for such an achievement is unknown to humans. The Kiint merely refer to them as “an old experiment.” No ships or probes are permitted upon them. The planet itself is 15,000 kms in diameter with a gravity of 1.2 times Earth’s. Seven continents grace its surface. There are four primary seas. Jobis have virtually no axial tilt and a near perfect circular orbit around its class F2 star giving it a mild climate with essentially no seasons. On the surface there are few signs of civilization by human standards. No motorways or concrete cities. Just villages and small towns surrounded by vast, lush jungle.

Arnstadt –

The first stellar system taken over by Capone’s organization outside of New California. The unique instance of one star system’s government over another set off yet another wave of panic throughout the Confederation.

Kursk –

The Capone organization’s second stellar conquest, located some six light-years from Arnstadt. It was in the process of transitioning from a planetary-based economy to a space-based one when the takeover occurred. It fell easily to the organization as it had no SD network established.

Ethenthia Asteroid –

Where Andre Duchamp takes the Villeneuve’s Revenge after successfully escaping from the Capone organization’s resupply mission to Arnstadt.

Pinjarra –

The asteroid where the Quadin drops off Gerald Skibbow after his escape from ???. Unfortunately, no other starships are available here and Gerald is forced to travel by inter-orbit ship to Koblat, a neighboring asteroid, to attempt to secure passage to Valisk.

Koblat –

An asteroid that doesn’t honor the Confederation quarantine. Gerald Skibbow travels here after landing on Pinjarra in order to obtain passage on a starship to Valisk.

Ngeuni –

A stage one colony where Erick Thakrar ZTT jumps after his escape from Ethenthia.

Golomo –

A gas giant some 230,000 klms in diameter. Renowned for the unusual fact that it has a narrow zone of single cell airborne amoebas that thrive several hundred klms below its stormy surface. The lifeforms always cluster in great colonies, though the scientists of the Edenist habitats surrounding the planet do not understand why. It is here that Syrinx picks up Erick Thakrar’s broadcast of his escape from Ethenthia with information vital to the Confederation.

Jesup –

An asteroid orbiting the planet Nyvan. A provider of vast ore resources to the New Georgian government on the planet. But, the government squandered the initial earnings from Jesup’s development, leaving the asteroid comparatively underdeveloped, with only one of three planned biosphere caverns ever constructed. It is here that Quinn Dexter manages to secure authorization to land following his brush with destruction at the hands of Earth’s massive SD network. Within two days, Quinn “converts” the asteroid’s population to follow him. It becomes as possessed entity.

Harrisburg –

The city in the Tonala nation on Nyvan where Dr. Mzu is temporarily stationed during her quest to reclaim the Neutronium Alchemist.

Tonala –

On of several nations on Nyvan. It orders its borders sealed when New Georgia’s actions become overly hostile toward it as a result of New Georgia’s SD networks aggressively attacking the networks of other nations. When the Spirit of Freedom falls to Capone’s frigates, it sends five warships to meet the threat. All other nations on Nyvan consider this to be an act of provocation.

Cadiz –

A supply base for the Confederation’s 7th Fleet commanded by Meredith Saldana.

The O’Neill Halo –

A vast array of asteroids in orbit around Earth. A major source of industry, commerce and trade. The most famous asteroid is Nova Kong. There is where ZTT drives were invented, and where Richard Saldana setup his headquarters as he planned the Kulu colonization.

Tonala’s Ironberg Foundry –

Tonala’s largest civil engineering development project. Situated along coastline on land set aside in 2407, the foundry is designed to disassemble the gigantic ironbergs that splashdown off the coast of Tonala and are distributed through and elaborate canal system into seven Disassembly Sheds. It was originally intended to take up some 18 kms of land, but construction ceased in 2458 when the capabilities of the foundry outstretched the economic demands for its production. The rest of the land was declared a national nature park in 2580.

The Brazilian Orbital Tower –

An orbital tower some 300 meters in diameter rising 55,000 kms in space from the center of the South American continent. Two asteroids are attached to the tower, one – named Supra-Brazil – is in geostationary orbit at 36,000 kms above the ground. It is being mined for the carbon and silicon being used to further the tower’s construction. The second asteroid is situated directly at the tip of the tower, serving as a counterbalance to stabilize Supra-Brazil.

Supra-Brazil itself serves as a docking platform for spaceships. Here tens of thousands of passengers and almost 100,000 tons of cargo passes every day along a sophisticated magnetic rail system that runs from the asteroid down to Earth.

Fort Forward –

The Kulu Kingdom’s primary military base for the staging of the Mortonridge operation. Located 25 kms north of the possessed border, it is a city of over 500 programmable silicon buildings. Three battalions of Royal Kulu Marine Engineers are initially stationed there, awaiting the arrival of a half million force-cloned serjeants, assault mechanoids and other implements of force that will be necessary to carry out the mission.

DRL0755-09-BG –

A desolate K-type star discovered in 2396. Three non-terracompatible planets circle it. It is here that the damaged Beezling makes its thirty-year long voyage with the Neutronium Alchemist aboard in hopes of being eventually retrieved by Dr. Mzu.