Here's the Plan:

At the moment this site is simply a dumping ground of raw information about the Trilogy with a discussion board and a couple of extra links thrown in. But this will not always be so. I believe Hamilton's Trilogy is destined to be ranked with alongside (if not surpassing) The Foundation Series, The Dune Series, The Lord of the Rings and any other sci-fi/fantasy series acknowledged as "great." With that in mind, this site will continue to improve and expand as interest in the Trilogy increases, as my own knowledge of HTML progresses and as you folks out there begin to participate more. Roughly, here's the overall vision:

Phase One (Currently): Develop a directory of the Trilogy that gives the facts of the story and the details of Hamilton's world including geography, technology, characters, beings, terminology, cultural traits, the names of various spacecraft, etc. etc. etc.

PLEASE NOTE: I NEED ARTWORK!!! If you know anyone willing to contribute sketches or more elaborate images to this site PLEASE LET ME KNOW. As the text for this site continues to grow the need for more artwork does as well. I want this site to be aesthetically pleasing as well as a useable reference and entertaining.

Phase Two: Fine-tune this directory. Place information in alphabetical order for easy referencing. Correct previous omissions and errors. Cross-link important facets of the information provided. Make the site more user friendly and with greater artistic content (submitted by you folks.)

Phase Three: Broaden the horizons of the site. Include a section for essays and reviews concerning various aspects of Hamilton's work that will include your participation as well as my own ideas. Offer you the opportunity to publish your own short stories that take place within Hamilton's Confederation.

Beyond this, do YOU have any other suggestions? Please Email them to me.

Your input is appreciated!