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Ted's View:

To each of us being a part of this group has a different meaning, one shaped by our shared experiences and by the length of our friendship, and yet there is a core of unity and regard that is constant among us. Each of us sees a continuity and a defining moment and a moment of genesis. For me, there is the defining moment of a trip to Cumberland Island with Keith, Jennifer, Clint, Mark and Jeff Mills. It is a trip forever defined in some degree by this device made out of PVC, a cart or sorts, that Jeffery constructed to carry his pack, which later broke and caused him to twist his ankle and carry the cart the rest of the trip. It was on that trip that the idea of the Armadillos really quickened. The name came shortly after.

Like reference points in a data field, we have created our own artificial intelligence. We have a core of experience with many orientations, as well as points of entry. This is mine, truly chance occurances that shaped my life, broadened it into an association of unique friends. As such, our history is not about dates, but events, impressions, moments. On that definitive camping trip on Cumberland, I took a picture of Clint. We had just gotten back to the dock at Sea Camp and were waiting on the ferry. We were hot, tired and miserable in our exhiliration. Clint sat in one of the rocking chairs on the porch with no shirt on, just his shorts and hiking boots. He looked like a faun or a Buddha. One of my favorite photos is of Jeffery crossing the walkway onto the ferry. He was hobbling along with his backpack with this PVC contraption tied to it. Behind him is a young woman. She is looking up at the backpack with this quizzical expression on her face. It has wheels, but what does it do? There is a story to be told about about our friends, the gnats, at Brickhill Bluff, including these Boy Scouts I think they were who did not know gnatspeak as we did, as well as this mama sow and her piglets that got Keith's attention, at least until he got hers. Such is the scope of our history. This is the stuff that defines us.


In the name of the Great Armadillo (as well as the yellow-breasted whoopifucker -- I believe in using totems if you got 'em), this is my plea: Confuse our enemies and bring us rain. And give us stories.

Other Events that need fleshing out...

1990 Spring Trip to Cumberland Island - where Clint named the group

July 4, 1990: Jacks River Falls

October 1990: Joyce Kilmer

February 1993: The Cabin Trip to Unicoi - The Hat Party

January 1994: Trip to Dream Lake

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