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The birth of the Cumberland Island Armadillos (sans Jennifer)
circa 1991. Clint named the group after seeing this photo.

Dillo History is a murky, quirky thing. Its origins lie in the accidental connections of otherwise disassociated meanderings, groups, and experiences. As with all history, an illusionary pattern of inevitability seems evident with the aid of hindsight. Our group is still evolving, this web site is proof enough of that. But, broadly speaking, our "we" can be addressed in the three phases or stages or categories (whatever) below. Your own contributions will help fill in the blanks. Check out these links to the Dillo History Sections (perhaps "Mythology" would be a better term)...

Our period of dispersion.

How we came together.

The early years of Dillodom.

Old news.

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