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Hey!  What's happenin'??Yack!  Yack!  Yack!Dillo arts, philosophy and other assorted bullshit.Dillos caught in the act! if anyone cared.

The Shaman is here on the Photo Page! Enjoy the show...

Lots of new stuff with this update. Ooze and Confluence info from Jean and Jen on the History Page. Photos from Ball's Deep. Music has been added to the Ball's Deep Photo Page so be sure to turn on your speakers. News for August 2000.

And now for something completely different! A man with three buttocks! (Just kidding...a little something for you Monty Python fans out there.) But we DO have something special added. The Shaman has come to Dilloville.

Don't you think this Dillo design would make a great T-Shirt?