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Jen's Stream:

I'll spare you the details but after spending our wedding night May 7, 1988 in Tifton, Keith and I drove to St. Mary's and stayed at the Riverview Hotel. This was much nicer than Crooked River. When we got to the Island carrying a cooler and ready for Sea Camp we were informed that our reservations were for backcountry. Yikes! Fortunately we had packed backpacks and fortunately there was an opening at Stafford Beach only 3.5 miles away. We stashed our cooler with beer and Tabs at the Rangers station and began the hike. It was so worth it. Many times we were the only ones on the beach. In 1989 the first group of pre-dillos visited the island. The trips all blur together but as I recall the group consisted of Jeff, Jeffery, Ted, Keith and me. I believe we camped at Stafford. We may have gone further to Yankee Paradise. This is the trip that we learned that racoons can pull a rope up to bring sacks of food and garbage up to them on the tree limb.

Jean's Stream:

Along about 1990, a couple of years after our divorce, Ted got back in touch. I was living in an A-frame in the woods near Athens. Ted had married again (Mary). Keith had married Jennifer. Ted said the old gang was still getting together, and what did I think of having them over to my lodge-like little house for a weekend?? Well....I'd missed the guys, but I was a little apprehensive about Mary and Jennifer, because I didn't know them. However, I said yes, and it turned out great! I had no furniture, so it was perfect. By then, the focus of the group had switched from music to food. We ate, we compared Buddhist to Taoist philosophy, and we took walks. Over the years, we met at my house several times. I remember baking an apple pie once. Another time Clint presented walking sticks he'd made. Everybody used to bring their version of the I Ching. Once we went for a long walk down a dirt road, encountering big black birds posturing in dead trees. Was that the weekend LaLonnie joined us? Another time Ted asked Jeffery to bring some butter, and Jeffery showed up hours late with a tub of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter." That was the impromptu butter-themed weekend, with baked butternut squash, and featuring a Sunday brunch of buttered biscuits and butternut ice cream. The first I knew we were Armadillos was the weekend at the state park near Griffin, where Ted gave out those yellow Armadillo t-shirts. I think that was when I first met Clint and Jan. I've never been the same since....

Keith's Stream:

Confluence: A flowing together of streams. This page is meant to reflect the time when we first started associating as a group. Memories you have of our first random gatherings before Clint named the group and we "quickened" in the early 1990's.

Past Events & Dates that need fleshing out here include...

1987 - 1990: Trips to Jean's House

1988 - 1990: Shambhala Training: Clint, Keith, Jen, and Jan

1987 - 1988: Trip to Blood and Leveland Mountain: Jeffery, Clint, and Keith

1989 Cumberland Island: Jeff, Jeffery, Clint, Jennifer, and Keith

1990 Ted's House New Year's Eve

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